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Name: Hyundai Elantra (UD) Quick Reference Guide (2012)

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This Quick Reference Guide does not replace your vehicles Owners Manual. If you require additional information or are unsure of a specific issue, you should always refer to the vehicles Owners Manual or contact your authorized Hyundai dealer.

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Installation is in the reverse order of removal. Perform the following: • Adjust a shift cable. ...

1. CD Loading Slot 2. CD Eject Button 3. CD/AUX Selection Button 4. Automatic Track Selection Button 5. Fast Search Button 6. RANDOM Play Button 7. REPEAT Button 8. CD Indicator 9. SCAN Play ...

Cruise control system
➀ CRUISE indicator ➁ SET indicator WARNING If the cruise control is left on, (CRUISE indicator light in the instrument cluster illuminated) the cruise control can be activat ...