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Some child seat manufacturers make child restraint seats that are labeled as

Some child seat manufacturers make child restraint seats that are labeled as LATCH or LATCH-compatible child restraint seats. LATCH stands for "Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children". These seats include two rigid or webbing mounted attachments that connect to two LATCH anchors at specific seating positions in your vehicle. This type of child restraint seat eliminates the need to use seat belts to attach the child seat in the rear seats.

Child restraint symbols are located on the left and right rear seat backs to

Child restraint symbols are located on the left and right rear seat backs to indicate the position of the lower anchors for child restraints.


When using the vehicle's "LATCH" system to install a child restraint system in the rear seat, all unused vehicle rear seat belt metal latch plates or tabs must be latched securely in their seat belt buckles and the seat belt webbing must be retracted behind the child restraint to prevent the child from reaching and taking hold of unretracted seat belts. Unlatched metal latch plates or tabs may allow the child to reach the unretracted seat belts which may result in strangulation and a serious injury or death to the child in the child restraint.


Install the child restraint seat fully rearward against the seatback with the seatback reclined two positions from the most upright latched position.

LATCH anchors have been provided in your vehicle. The LATCH anchors are located in the left and right outboard rear seating positions. Their locations are shown in the illustration. There is no LATCH anchor provided for the center rear seating position.

The LATCH anchors are located between the seatback and the seat cushion of the rear seat left and right outboard seating positions.

Follow the child seat manufacturer’s instructions to properly install child restraint seats with LATCH or LATCHcompatible attachments.

Once you have installed the LATCH child restraint, assure that the seat is properly attached to the LATCH and tether anchors.

Also, test the child restraint seat before you place the child in it. Tilt the seat from side to side. Also try to tug the seat forward. Check to see if the anchors hold the seat in place.


Do not allow the rear seat belt webbing to get scratched or pinched by the child-seat latch and LATCH anchor during the installation.


If the child restraint is not anchored properly, the risk of a child being seriously injured or killed in a collision greatly increases.

WARNING - LATCH lower anchors WARNING - LATCH lower anchors

LATCH lower anchors are only to be used with the left and right rear outboard seating positions. Never attempt to attach a LATCH equipped seat in the center seating position. You may damage the anchors or the anchors may fail and break in a collision.

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