Hyundai Elantra MD/UD: VSM operation - Vehicle stability management (VSM) (if equipped) - Brake system - Driving your vehicle - Hyundai Elantra MD 2010-2015 Owners manualHyundai Elantra MD/UD: VSM operation

When the VSM is in operation, ESC indicator light (blinks.) blinks.

When the vehicle stability management is operating properly, you can feel a slight pulsation in the vehicle and/or abnormal steering responses (EPS). This is only the effect of brake and EPS control and indicates nothing unusual.

The VSM does not operate when:

  • Driving on bank road such as gradient or incline
  • Driving rearward
  • ESC OFF indicator light (on the instrument cluster) remains on the instrument cluster
  • EPS indicator light remains on the instrument cluster
Vehicle stability management (VSM) (if equipped)
This system provides further enhancements to vehicle stability and steering responses when a vehicle is driving on a slippery road or a vehicle detected changes in coefficient of friction between ...

VSM operation off
If you press the ESC OFF button to turn off the ESC, the VSM will also cancel and the ESC OFF indicator light () illuminates. To turn on the VSM, press the button again. The ESC OFF indicator light ...