Hyundai Elantra (UD) Owner's Manual (2011)

Your Owner's Manual will introduce you to the features and operation of your new Hyundai Elantra. It is suggested that you read it carefully because the information it contains can contribute greatly to the satisfaction you receive from your new car. The manufacturer also recommends that all service and maintenance on your car be performed by an authorized Hyundai dealer. Hyundai dealers are prepared to provide high-quality service, maintenance and any other assistance that may be required.

Your vehicle at a glance
Safety features of your vehicle
Features of your vehicle
Driving your vehicle
What to do in an emergency
Specifications, Consumer information, Reporting safety defects

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1. After loosening the trunk lid hinge (A) mounting bolt, adjust the trunk lid by moving it up or down, or right or left. 2. Adjust the tru ...

Fuse switch message
If the fuse switch is in the OFF position the message "FUSE" and "ON" blinks in turns to inform the driver to turn on the fuse switch. ...

Manual climate control system (if equipped)
Type A Type B 1. Front windshield defrost button 2. Mode selection buttons 3. Rear window defroster button 4. MAX A/C (Max airconditioning) button (if equipped) 5. Air intake control button ...