Hyundai Elantra: Troubleshooting - General Information - Suspension System - Hyundai Elantra HD 2006–2010 Service ManualHyundai Elantra: Troubleshooting


Vehicle inspection
To assist the service advisor and the technician, check the suspension and wheel/tire condition with the questions listed below by filling them. It serves as a place to record information as well as data from the testing to be carried out. To begin a successful diagnosis, fill out the questions.

Wheel /tire noise, vibration and harshness concerns are directly related to vehicle speed and are not generally affected by acceleration, coasting or decelerating. Also, out-of-balance wheel and tires can vibrate at more than one speed. A vibration that is affected by the engine rpm, or is eliminated by placing the transmission in Neutral is not related to the tire and wheel. As a general rule, tire and wheel vibrations felt in the steering wheel are related to the front tire and wheel assemblies. Vibrations felt in the seat or floor are related to the rear tire and wheel assemblies. This can initially isolate a concern to the front or rear.
Careful attention must be paid to the tire and wheels. There are several symptoms that can be caused by damaged or worn tire and wheels. Perform a careful visual inspection of the tires and wheel assemblies. Spin the tires slowly and watch for signs of lateral or radial runout. Refer to the tire wear chart to determine the tire wear conditions and actions
Wheel and tire diagnosis
Rapid wear at the center
Rapid wear at both shoulders
Wear at one shoulder

Center-tread down to fabric due to excessive over inflated tires
Lack of rotation
Excessive toe on drive wheels
Heavy acceleration on drive
Under-inflated tires
Worn suspension components
Excessive cornering speeds
Lack of rotation
Toe adjustment out of specification
Camber out of specification
Damaged strut
Damaged lower arm
Partial wear
Feathered edge
Wear pattern

Caused by irregular burrs on brake drums
Toe adjustment out of specification
Damaged or worn tie rods
Damaged knuckle
Excessive toe on non-drive wheels
Lack of rotation

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