Hyundai Elantra: Transmitter. Specifications - Keyless Entry And Burglar Alarm - Body Electrical System - Hyundai Elantra HD 2006–2010 Service ManualHyundai Elantra: Transmitter. Specifications


Keyless entry transmitter
Power source
Lithium 3V battery (1EA)
Transmissible distance
30m or more
Life of battery
2 years or more (at 10 times per day)
4 (Door lock, Door unlock, Trunk lid unlock, Panic)
Transmission frequency
313.85 MHz

    Repair procedures
    Inspection Burglar Alarm Horn Relay Check for continuity between the terminals. 1. There should be continuity between the No.8 and No.18 terminals when power a ...

    Transmitter. Repair procedures
    Inspection 1. Check that the red light flickers when the door lock or unlock button is pressed on the transmitter. 2. Remove the battery a ...