Hyundai Elantra: Special Service Tools - General Information - Engine Mechanical System - Hyundai Elantra HD 2006–2010 Service ManualHyundai Elantra: Special Service Tools

Special Service Tools

Tool (Number and name)
Crankshaft front oil seal installer

Installation of the front oil seal
Valve clearance adjust tool set

Removeal and installation of the tappet shim
Camshaft oil seal installer

Installation of the camshaft oil seal
Valve guide installer
(09221-3F100 A/B)

Remove and installation of the valve guide
Valve stem oil seal installer

Installation of the valve stem oil seal
Valve spring compressor & adaptor
(09222-28000, 09222-28100)

Removal and installation of the intake or exhaust valve
Crankshaft rear oil seal installer
(09231-23200, 09231-H1100)

Installation of the crankshaft rear oil seal

    Troubleshooting Symption Suspect area Remedy Engine misfire with abnormal internal lower engine noises. Loose or improperly installed ...