Hyundai Elantra: Repair procedures - Clutch System - Clutch System - Hyundai Elantra HD 2006–2010 Service ManualHyundai Elantra: Repair procedures

Service Adjustment Procedure

Clutch Pedal Inspection And Adjustment
Measure the clutch pedal height (from the face of the pedal pad to the floorboard) and the clutch pedal clevis pin play (measured at the face of the pedal pad.)

Standard value
(A) : 6 ~ 13 mm (0.24~0.51 in)
(B)182.8 mm (7.19 in)

If the clutch pedal freeplay and height is not within the standard value range, adjust as follows:
Turn and adjust the bolt within the standard value, then secure by tightening the lock nut.
If the clutch pedal height is lower than the standard value, loosen the bolt and adjust the push rod.
After adjustment, tighten the bolt so that the clearance with pedal stopper becomes 0.5mm(0.02 in) to 1.0mm (0.04 in) and secure with lock nut.

Turn the push rod to agree with the standard value and then secure the push rod with the lock nut.
When adjusting the clutch pedal height or the clutch pedal play, be careful not to push the push rod toward the master cylinder.
If the clutch pedal free play and the distance between the clutch pedal and the floor board when the clutch is disengaged, do not meet with the standard values, it may be the result of either air in the hydraulic system or a faulty clutch master cylinder. Bleed the air or disassemble and inspect the master cylinder or clutch.
Use the specified fluid. Avoid mixing different brands of fluid.

Specified fluid : SAE J1703 (DOT 3 or DOT 4)

Loosen the bleeder screw(A) at the clutch release cylinder.

Depress the clutch pedal slowly until all air is expelled.
Hold the clutch pedal down until the bleeder is retightened.
Refill the clutch master cylinder with the specified fluid.
The rapidly-repeated operation of the clutch pedal in B-C range may disrupt the release cylinder's position. During the bleeding operation, press the clutch pedal to the floor after it returns to the "A" point.

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