Hyundai Elantra: Occupant Classification Sensor (OCS). Description and Operation - SRSCM - Restraint - Hyundai Elantra HD 2006–2010 Service ManualHyundai Elantra: Occupant Classification Sensor (OCS). Description and Operation


In contrast to the initial one-stage airbag systems, newer restraint systems involve complex logic to select, or alternatively suppress, various levels of safety system deployment. Inherent to an Advanced Restraint System is the ability to discern information regarding passenger occupancy. It is intended that these inputs be provided through the OC system.
The object of such safety system is to reduce the risk and level of injuries by automatically adapting the airbag(s) and seat belt pretensioner to the driving status of the vehicle, its occupants, and the crash severity. The current OC system covered in this specification continually senses and classifies the front passenger side seat. The Occupant Classification System described in this section is Weight Classification System (WCS) of strain gauge type. It consist of 4 weight sensors and ECU which is classifying weight of occupant. It is installed on the seat leg assembly.

    Seat Belt Buckle Switch (BS). Repair procedures
    Removal 1. Disconnect the battery negative cable, and wait for at least three minutes before beginning work. 2. Remove the front seat asse ...