Hyundai Elantra: Climate control additional features - Convenient FeaturesHyundai Elantra: Climate control additional features

Sunroof inside air recirculation

When the sunroof is opened, outside (fresh) air will be automatically selected. At this time, if you press the air intake control button, recirculated air position will be selected but will change back to outside (fresh) air after 3 minutes. When the sunroof is closed, the air intake position will return to the original position that was selected.

Auto comfort control (for driver’s seat)

The temperature of the driver’s seat warmer, air ventilation seat and heated steering wheel is automatically controlled depending on the inside and outside temperature of the vehicle when the engine is running.

To use this function, it must be activated from the Settings menu in the Infotainment system screen. Select:

-- All menus → Setup → Vehicle → Heated / Ventilated Features

Automatic ventilation

The system automatically selects the fresh mode when the climate control system operates over a certain period of time (approximately 30 minutes) in low temperature with the recirculation mode selected.

To cancel or reactivate the Automatic Ventilation

When the air conditioning system is on, select Face Level mode and press the air recirculation mode button at least 5 times within 3 seconds while pressing the A/C button.

When the automatic ventilation is canceled, the indicator blinks 3 times. When the automatic ventilation is activated, the indicator blinks 6 times.

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